Fundraising HealthCheck is a FREE, confidential diagnostic tool to help you understand the impact of the recession on your fundraising portfolio.

Armed with your net income and/or your investment budget, you can use Fundraising HealthCheck to generate customised reports that provide:

A prognosis for each area of your fundraising, based on past experience and current trends

Practical advice and guidance on how to survive and thrive during the economic downturn

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How it works

  1. You'll need this financial data*:

    For Investment - details of your spend to recruit and/or retain donors
    For Net Income - bottom line figures from your budget/target, after costs
  2. Sign up here, then select the first area to review (investment or income).
  3. Input your data*. HealthCheck calculates your dependency on each investment area / income stream, and the associated risks.
  4. Press 'Submit' to receive your guidance report.
  5. Print your report – to give you complete confidentiality none of your data will be stored when you exit.

For more information please visit the help and information page.

The Fundraising HealthCheck has been conceived and developed by THINK Consulting Solutions. It is based on years of fundraising experience (including hands-on fundraising through a recession), and the indicators emerging from our current work with not-for-profits in all sectors, undertaking all types of fundraising, across the globe.

*PLEASE NOTE:All financial data submitted is totally secure and will not be stored. Your financial data will not be held, nor shared with either the Institute of Fundraising or THINK Consulting Solutions.